What the resource does

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The resource covers:

The movement’s key phases

  • a series of short accounts of key phases of the women’s suffrage movement in Scotland between 1867 and 1928;
  • a case study of local research in the Highlands;
  • an account of anti-suffrage organisations in Scotland.

Guidance on sources of information

  • Each section indicates what kinds of primary sources [original documents] provide the basis of accounts, and lists key publications;
  • Several sections suggest specific questions that could be followed up for local investigation;
  • There is also a section of General Guidance on sources for researching the women’s suffrage movement in Scotland;
  • There are links to websites with information about suffrage activists in Scotland.


There is a bibliography listing publications on the women’s suffrage movement in Scotland.


We have drawn up a short Get Involved: What did you find out? contact form listing key questions and inviting information about what people have found out about the women’s suffrage movement in their area.

Contribute to the developing history of the movement in Scotland

Women’s History Scotland is inviting researchers, schools, local women’s groups, local history groups, or other interested individuals and organisations to send in information about the women’s suffrage movement in their area. Fill in the ‘Get Involved: What did you find out? section, or send information you have already collected to women to info@womenshistoryscotland.org. We hope to publicise such accounts on our website, although reserve the right to edit material. Any accounts should indicate the sources on which they are based.


Women’s History Scotland can offer speakers to provide background information on the movement and to help give guidance with research, or suggest types of sources that might be available locally. We will do our best to respond to requests, but this will depend on availability of speakers.


Women’s History Scotland exists to promote study and research in women’s and gender history, particularly for those working in Scotland or working on Scottish themes. It has a commitment to history at all levels and aims to provide a network of information and support to all. Browse our website for news of activities and projects concerning women’s and gender history in Scotland.


Esther Breitenbach

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